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When I started training in karate many years ago, I was a very shy and unconfident individual. Martial arts training showed me that all the labels from the past that others and myself placed upon my self-identity were false. During my apprenticeship under Sensei Bitanga I realized that through teaching martial arts I could help liberate people of all ages from the shackles of low self-confidence and help them reach their fullest potential.

In 2016 when I took the position of Head instructor I established three goals for the Dojo. The first is to show our students how to live a healthier life. Many people have credited martial arts for providing them with not only a better physical condition but a more stable mind. Our second goal is self defense. Hopefully one will never need to implement their tools of self preservation but one who is trained doesn’t have to worry about remaining in a desperate state of helplessness. The third goal is to help our students be more confident individuals. As I’ve been quoted saying before; “it’s about learning how to feel comfortable as a strong unapologetic you”.

If you are interested in beginning a journey of self-improvement for yourself, child, or the whole family give us a call or send us a message.We can’t wait to show you how great the martial arts can be!

- Head Instructor Benjamin Nease 5th Degree Shorin-ryu Karate